August Plans

Getting back to work. My June health scare quickly put some things into perspective. Learned some lessons. Letting go of the unaccomplished things from July in order to take better care of myself was a biggie. Another one, planning ahead ... WAY ahead is so important. On every level. An old lesson; accepting help from others. I used to feel guilty about this. It made me feel helpless. But sometimes, I have to remember that it’s not about me. Maybe it makes the other person feel helpful. I had never thought of that before. There is balance in that, and it feels good. My newest lesson is truly taking a breath and looking around. Slowing down isn’t a bad thing. It’s a quality over quantity thing. I need quality in my life now. I need to know what really makes me tick and focus on those things. Makes me love this side hustle even more. Soap ❤️Okay!

Enough of that. Let’s get into August releases. This is what I have so far:

August 4 - Farm Fresh Soap 

August 11 - Rose Gold Soap (our newest favorite)

August 18 - Dark Mountain Soap 

More to come! Check to see what I’ve got brewing on FB and Instagram. 

Peace & Love to You❤️
Momma Goose